Translation Credits

We would like to thank these wonderful people for reaching out and creating a translation for us. You can access these official Agnostic Agile translations via the drop down menu on the main site.

All translations have been verified and checked with the translators and their teams. If you notice an error somewhere, please email us at and we’ll take care of it!

If you would like to provide a translation, please email – we are always looking for new translations to help with accessibility. We will credit you on this page once published.


Daniel Gagnon (and team):


Marvin R. López M.:

Antonio Cobo Cuenca:

Portuguese Brazilian

Rodrigo Coimbra:

Renato Cunha

Patrícia Santos:  

Bruno Bergamini:

Gabriel Covello:

Yuri Ferreira:

Bruno Ribeiro:

Thiago Pintar:

Vladimir Carvalho: