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“One Size Doesn’t Fit All, One Framework is not the Answer” – Essence Puts Agnostic Agile into Action

You have signed up to a movement that recognizes the importance of being agnostic when it comes to agility and that strives to help you attain agility without being locked in to one way of working.  This is not trivial in today’s world dominated by frameworks or canned methods. However, there is hope. Essence provides an answer.

Essence is not yet another method that competes with any existing method. It is a COMMON GROUND to be used to describe existing methods. It captures the essential things to work with, the essential things to do and the essential competencies you need. These essentials underpin all recognized ways of developing software and were selected by a group of experts from around the world within the SEMAT community (Software Engineering Method And Theory – representing academia, research and industry. Acknowledged as an industry standard by the Object Management Group, Essence is manifest as a language and a kernel to describe practices in a method-agnostic way. These practices, living in a practice library, can be selected and composed to form the method you want to use in any engagement.

A great starting introduction to Essence is to look at the slide deck “Kill All Methods – Free the Practices”. You could also read the CACM paper “The Essence of Software Engineering: The SEMAT Kernel.

Once you have a basic understanding of Essence you should learn about the Alpha State Cards with various games that can help you with prioritization, planning, health checks and governance. Download guides, cards and games here. Or start by reading the ABC Guide to Leveraging Adaptive, Bite-Sized, Composable Practices.

Another great starting point is the market’s first free to-browse library of Essentialized Practices, including team-level agile practices, agile-at-scale practices as well as iterative, incremental, architecture, requirements and others. Mix and match to build your ideal way of working.

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