It’s here! Announcing the launch of our Agnostic Agile Slack Community!

So, we’ve done it! Agnostic Agile now has over 1000 global members. With this significant milestone and the announcement of our 2018 Roadmap few months ago, we are thrilled to share with you the launch of our Agnostic Agile Slack Channel!

To join, simply click the link below:

Agnostic Agile Slack Community

We’ve established a global community of professionals. The objective of this Community is to provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Connect with a large global network of agnostic agile professionals and experts in the industry and benefit from novel ideas
  • Be integral part and contribute to this amazing and growing global movement by writing articles, blogs and by participating in podcasts
  • Influence our overall Strategy and Training Roadmap through feedback and suggestion
  • Share your Agnostic Agile Stories: with the support of a large experienced network, you can learn, grow, share. provide mentoring or get mentoring and coaching support

We will be continuously updating our content on the Agnostic Agile site, LinkedIn Company page, LinkedIn Group, and Twitter with valuable information, articles, blogs, announcements and Agnostic Agile stories.

We are always looking for contributors, guest bloggers with practical agile experience and who embrace an agnostic and synergetic approach to agile. We are excited to getting you engaged! With you, we want to change the world of work, the world of Agile and make it a safe place for everybody and any framework! So, if you are passionate about Agnostic Agile and want to make a difference, join us!

Thank You!
Shaaron A Alvares

Agnostic Agile Twelve Principles
LinkedIn Company Site
LinkedIn Group
Agnostic Agile on Medium

We are Open. We are Embracing. We are agnostic.





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