Freeing Practices – introductory talk to Agnostic Agile (slides)

Frameworks provide the common language, guidance, events and ceremonies that govern how things “get done around here” for a lot of organisations, and they provide a great starting point. But how much common ground do they actually have?

The agile ‘industry’ suffers from a lot of dysfunction between practitioners, competing certification bodies and branded frameworks and methods. We still see people vehemently aligned to a single framework or method, disregarding others, and ultimately perpetuating the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. This is inherently not agile and is not true to the manifesto.

How can we truly empower teams and organisations if we all continue to behave like bulls in a china shop? How can we offer contextual options that put the client or the customer first if we are commercially aligned to a brand of framework or certification body? How can we truly practice continuous improvement if continuous improvement is constrained within a single framework bubble?

Then comes how we as professionals conduct ourselves among each other. Should we not each be respectful, willing to learn from one another, willing to adapt what we do and how we think? Should we not be giving and receiving feedback without adopting dogmatic stances (which we are often blind to because of bias)? Should we not possess qualities like humility, respect, empathy, honesty, impartiality, etc.?

Critical thinking?

Of course we should.

The following slide deck is an introductory talk on Agnostic Agile delivered by Sam at a Test Summit in Melbourne, in December 2017. Sam has also delivered variations of this talk at local meetup groups.

Agnostic Agile Talk for Agile Test Summit Melbourne 11 Dec 2017 v2.1 Web Version

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