Essence – Putting Agnostic Agile into Action

To all agnostic agilists – as part of the next iteration of the Agnostic Agile concept, we are supporting and working with the team behind Essence. Essence is a standard that defines the smallest set of concepts that are common to all software projects and helps embed agile professional practices and governance across an organisation for sustainable, scalable and responsive solution delivery.

This of course fits hand in glove with the Agnostic Agile Oath and it is something that we as agile and lean practitioners, strive for. It is how a possible implementation of Agnostic Agile would look like, covering the art of software engineering as well as any applied agile framework.

You are also invited to review an upcoming book and provide feedback directly to its authors. The link is and please mention Agnostic Agile with any feedback you may provide.

Essence gets our endorsement and acts as an example of how you can apply agnosticism not only to frameworks and process, but also to software engineering. Essence has its own special place on the Agnostic Agile website, please check it out.

Sam Zawadi

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